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Building custom homes in Fallbrook, Temecula and North San Diego County  is our game. New homes, renovations, tear downs, fix-ups, and all other manner of construction is what we do best. We can provide you with our expert services and work with you to complete your construction project on time and on budget.


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Quality Fallbrook custom homes, Temecula custom homes and custom home building in San Diego's North County.

New building

One of the most challenging, yet rewarding projects, is new development.  To create the house of your dreams requires a lot of planning, management, innovation, coordinating and a continuous stream of decisions and challenges.  The end result can be dramatic and wonderful if you are able to put it all together.  Cameron Schutt can provide the resources and experience that will ensure your project is done right (the way you want it done) and completed in a timely manner.  It pays to have a pro on your side.


Renovations are a great way to change the feel of your living space and add to your life style.  Doing a renovation the right way will make a huge difference in how your end results will please you.  Cameron Schutt can provide the  guidance and expertise that will make your renovation a success. 


Framing and other core construction tasks are second nature to Cameron Schutt.  Even those that have been involved in for years rely no Cameron Schutt to provide guidance and consultation to help design and accomplish various core tasks.  It is very important to get these task right from the beginning of your project.  An error early on in the project can make it difficult for you and may force either expensive re-do's or compromising the desired end result.

Custom Interiors

Visions are what we have to begin.  These are turned into plans and with dedication, turned into realities.  Let your vision become a reality with Cameron Schutt's help.  An interior is a personal space that needs detailed attention.  Having extensive experience and knowledge in designing your special space will allow you and your family to achieve a living interior that will serve you for years.

Consultation and Building

Cameron Schutt is able to offer a wide verity of construction and building services and with contacts throughout the industry, you will be sure to get top quality answers to any question or concern that you may have from the simplest project to complex specialized projects.

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